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7 Best Pos System for Fast Food Restaurant [2023]

  •   Jul 2023  •   7 min read  •   Comment

Improve the efficiency of your fast food restaurant with the best POS system. Our review highlights top options with features such as order management and kitchen display systems. Find the perfect solution for your fast-paced business.

Whats is Pos System?

A POS (Point of Sale) system is a type of software that businesses use to process sales transactions and manage customer, inventory, and financial data. A typical POS system includes a computer, a receipt printer, a barcode scanner, and a cash drawer, and it may also include other peripheral devices like a credit card reader, a customer display screen, and a touch screen.

POS systems are designed to help businesses automate and streamline their sales processes, providing real-time data and analytics on sales, inventory, and customer behavior. The software can be used for various functions, such as ringing up sales, processing payments, tracking inventory levels, generating reports, and managing customer information.

POS systems are used in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, food service, and more. They offer benefits like increased efficiency, improved accuracy, enhanced customer experience, and better data management.

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These restaurant POS systems are equipped with the tools you need to adapt and thrive during this difficult time.

A restaurant POS system makes it easier than ever to accept customer payments and manage your restaurant’s front-end and back-end.

A modern POS system offers menu management, inventory, loyalty programs, online ordering and delivery management, helping small business owners save time and money.

Whether you want to integrate your POS with a third-party delivery service, accept contactless payments with your food truck, or create a gourmet experience with your food courier, its POS system for restaurants has you covered.

Read on to learn more about the best POS systems for restaurants.

Best Pos System for Fast Food Restaurant

These restaurant POS systems are feature-rich, all-in-one systems that provide restaurant owners with the tools to efficiently run their restaurant business and rotate as needed.

1. Square POS

Square POS is well known in the world of quick service restaurants due to its strong position in the industry and reasonable prices.

The best all-round POS system Kuotabisa have tested with purpose-built solutions for table service, counter service, bars and lounges, cafes, bakeries, and food trucks, with an overall rating of 4.7/5 stars.

Compared to other providers, Square’s its POS offers the most restaurant-specific features (4.8/5).

This is because the system offers advanced tools such as floor plan customization and automated replenishment scheduling not found in leading providers such as Epos Now, Lightspeed and Talech.

With plenty of free versions and affordable included hardware, Square earned a perfect 5 out of 5, unlike rival Toast.

Support tools with 24/7 live chat, phone, and social media channels also secure a 5/5, making them the best provider on this list to turn to when you need them.

2. Clover POS

If your restaurant relies on online ordering or has plans to expand into that space in the future, Clover could be a great fit.

It’s a great all-in-one POS system with great restaurant features (4.8/5) like menu editing and delivery options, and has a wide variety of hardware options.

It also offers some of the best CRM tools on the POS market, which somewhat justifies its high starting price of $90/month.

Plus, on top of that base price, like Square, certain features like payroll and e-commerce come with additional costs that can drive up the price of the system as a whole.

3. Zettle by PayPal

Entering the POS market in 2010, Zettle by Paypal hasn’t been around as long as some of its competitors, but it hasn’t stopped making an impact.

In Kuotabisa tests, Kuotabisa found it to be a very user-friendly POS system for restaurants, and they really liked the different food and drink-based features.

Like many other foodservice businesses, when margins are thin, Zettle is definitely worth your attention.

POS is free to set up and offers relatively affordable transaction fees, making it one of the most wallet-friendly POS options with a perfect 5/5 price rating.

Makes the ideal solution for small providers such as food trucks, kiosks, and stands. However, unlike providers like Square, Clover, and Shopify, Zettle doesn’t offer any extra features, so you basically get what you see.

Not well suited for large and expanding restaurants that require advanced tools.

4. EPOS Now

Epos Now isn’t as comprehensive as Square’s offering, but it’s a very attractive option for food businesses, especially large providers and restaurant chains.

It performed exceptionally well in Kuotabisa latest round of testing, with an impressive 4.6/5 for restaurant-specific features, and high marks for hardware options, making it a great choice for businesses that haven’t yet invested in setting it up.

It can be difficult to find the time to train new hires in parallel with your work.

Thankfully, Epos Now’s simple interface and comprehensive training modes help ease that burden.

Despite its robust toolkit, Epos Now’s hardware package starts at $449, lacks CRM functionality, and has limited reporting capabilities, making it a poor choice for restaurants looking to maximize performance.

5. TouchBistro POS

As its name suggests, TouchBistro was designed from the ground up for restaurants, so it’s no surprise it scored so highly in the restaurant POS features category (4.8/5).

Compared to POS systems like Zettle, TouchBistro has very promising reporting and inventory management capabilities, making it suitable for a variety of other hospitality businesses, especially large vendors with large or complex inventories.

It’s also a system.

Unfortunately, TouchBistro doesn’t sell its own line of hardware, and its limited checkout (2.3/5) and business development capabilities (3.9/5) put it above industry heroes like Square and Clover.

6. Talech

Talech is a great all-round POS solution for restaurants that can be used in hospitality, service and retail alike.

In Kuotabisa’s tests, researchers found Talech to be great for expanding your business because it’s affordable and offers a variety of restaurant-specific features designed to help your restaurant grow. understood.

Talech POS also proved to be its most user-friendly POS solution as tablet-based functionality made it more accessible.

However, Talech lacks basic features like ecommerce integration, and a 2.8/5 price rating makes Talech a bit less cost effective than frontrunners Square and Clover.

7. Lightspeed

Lightspeed is a household name in the world of POS providers, but its focus on barcode products makes it not the best solution for restaurant operations.

Still, thanks to inventory alerts for long-shelf products, it performed quite well in Kuotabisa’s tests, earning a 4.9/5 rating on restaurant features and proving to have better features than Shopify.

With great delivery capabilities and low costs to add terminals and omnichannel loyalty tools, its Lightspeed could be a powerful advantage for large restaurants and franchise groups.

However, this system is not suitable for self-service food businesses as it cannot scale and integrate.


Square is the best POS system for restaurants on the market.

It combines top-notch features with a simple and straightforward user interface.

It also has great customer support options to help you out just in case something goes wrong.

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Plus, Kuotabisa simple pricing structure means there are no hidden costs and you don’t have to pay for services until you start making money yourself.

You can get started with Square or other POS system from now on!

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