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5 The Best Contractor Accounting Software

  •   Okt 2022  •   5 min read  •   Comment

Accounting is essential in any type of business, but it is especially important in the construction industry.

In fact, “construction companies are really accounting firms that just happen to build buildings,” according to one source.

Because each construction project differs in size, scope, materials, and labor costs, owners and managers require detailed, job-specific financial data as well as the ability to process different costs and transactions under each project’s unique circumstances.

In this article, we will discuss which software products are best suited for dealing with the complexities of construction accounting.

Best Contractor Accounting Software

Here’s a sneak peek at our top picks:


ComputerEase is a construction accounting and project management software provider for contractors.

It offers fully integrated Job Costing, Payroll Administration, Fleet Management, Purchasing and Inventory Management, Contractor Management, Accounting, and Project Management solutions, as well as the necessary field-to-office integration.

ComputerEase is intended to be an all-in-one software that is simple to use and operates in the manner of a contractor.

Users can better manage agreements and centralize subcontractor information with its subcontract management feature.

Similarly, ComputerEase provides a robust set of tools for service management.

Additionally, a Profit and Loss reporting module allows you to track where you are winning and losing based on specific categories of your operations.

The solution is cloud-hosted and includes native Android and iOS apps. ComputerEase is available on a quote-only basis.


  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • The general ledger
  • Payroll management
  • Reporting
  • Contractor administration
  • Tracking and processing of documents
  • Job planning
  • Purchasing on Bid Day
  • Job pricing
  • Inventory control
  • CRM
  • Tracking of tools and equipment
  • Management of services
  • Management of equipment


PlanHub is a web-based construction management system that connects general contractors and subcontractors seamlessly.

It enables them to communicate and collaborate with one another during the pre-construction phase of projects.

PlanHub, which aims to accelerate the bidding process and boost business growth, promises a slew of advantages for both general contractors and subcontractors.

PlanHub connects general contractors to a large network of subcontractors, allowing them to receive as many bids for projects as possible.

This gives them the opportunity to win more projects while also lowering construction costs.

They can also centrally organize and manage bids, as well as share project documents, files, and information with subcontractors.

Meanwhile, construction management software makes it simple for subcontractors to find projects in their area to bid on.

PlanHub enables them to quickly place bids on projects, submit information requests to general contractors, and access all the files and information they require.


  • Construction Bid Management Networking
  • Filtering and organizing projects and bids
  • File Sharing in a Project
  • Tracking of Invites
  • Email Communication
  • Localized Bidding Online Plan Room Instant Chat


K-Ops is a comprehensive and easy-to-use construction management and collaboration tool. It provides stakeholders with a unified hub to help centralize and share all project information from submittals to closeout, as well as communication, information flows, and progress tracking.

It also boosts team productivity by sending notifications and providing real-time access to information and communication history, as well as tracking progress by contract, area, or phase.

K-Ops is a real-time collaboration solution that, thanks to its user-friendly online interface, bridges the gap between the office and the construction site.


  • Management of Dashboard Issues
  • Document Library for Progress Photos
  • Management of Equipment
  • Markup Management Query Management Progress Tracking

UDA ConstructionOnline

UDA ConstructionOnline is a construction management solution that integrates critical construction processes like project scheduling, project management, and customer management.

The system also aims to reduce construction costs by providing users with a set of instantly accessible and simple-to-use tools that accelerate construction task planning, management, and collaboration.

The software increases project team members’ and stakeholders’ involvement by keeping them informed and up to date on project progress, to-do lists, project changes, and the information they require.

UDA ConstructionOnline’s integrated system streamlines administrative tasks and project-related activities for developing homebuilding and remodeling businesses.


  • Scheduling
  • Client Access Portals
  • Job costing and estimation
  • Client Preferences
  • To Dos
  • Management Contact
  • Lists of Punches
  • Information Request
  • Task Lists for GamePlan


Expo-Net is a web-based project management system designed to assist construction and architecture firms in project management.

The solution gives users complete control over their data and documentation, as well as the tools and features they need to effectively manage each stage of the process, from planning to project completion.

Expo-Net is hosted on the web, allowing businesses to fully perform project management-related tasks without the need for installation, and it can be accessed by all project team members from anywhere in the world via smartphones and tablets.

There are no complicated installation procedures, expensive hardware/software purchases, or lengthy learning curves.

Furthermore, Expo-Net is priced by quote, which means that the vendor will tailor a package for you based on your needs, and you will only pay for the features you will actually use.

Expo-key Net’s features include graphic reports, task management, GIS systems, protocol management, a hierarchical navigation tree, photocopy management, and many more.


  • Reports with graphics
  • Task Administration
  • Tree of Navigation in Hierarchy
  • Protocol Administration
  • Management of Photocopy Orders
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • GANTT management
  • CAD Display
  • Purchasing and Budgeting
  • Fax, SMS, and mail
  • Networking of Computers
  • System Integration in an Organization


There are several factors to consider when looking for the best construction accounting software. When comparing software, there are several factors to consider depending on the business goals and objectives.

If you need more information, you can go to their websites.

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