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3 Pos System for Distributors

  •   Jan 2023  •   7 min read  •   Comment

Find the best POS system for your distribution business with our expert review. Learn about features and functionality specifically designed to meet the needs of distributors. Make a smart investment in your company’s future.

Whats is Pos System?

A POS (Point of Sale) system is a combination of hardware and software that enables businesses to process sales transactions, manage inventory, and track customer data. POS systems typically include a computer, a receipt printer, a barcode scanner, and a cash drawer, along with software that integrates these components to facilitate transactions and manage data.

POS systems are commonly used in retail environments, but can also be utilized in hospitality, healthcare, and other industries. They are designed to streamline sales processes, provide real-time data and analytics, and enhance the customer experience.

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In addition to processing transactions, many POS systems offer features such as inventory management, customer relationship management, sales reporting, and payment processing, among others.

A point of sale (POS) system is a type of software that enables businesses and stores to handle the customer checkout process.

The POS system integrates with store inventory and also handles payment processing when customers pay.

Wholesalers, wholesalers and distributors have specific business models and ways of working.

A POS specifically tailored for wholesalers can therefore optimize the payment process for these shops.

Wholesale POS systems offer specialized features that allow for frequent supplier deliveries, barcodes, inventory management integration, and more.

1. Pos System for Distributors

Here is a list of the best wholesale POS systems:

1. Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed offers cloud-based POS solutions for retail and restaurant businesses through two main products: Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed Restaurant.

Lightspeed Retail includes complete inventory management, sales and data analytics, payments, customer management and more.

To sell online, Lightspeed Retail seamlessly integrates with its Lightspeed eCom, allowing you to access your business from anywhere, on any device, with all your data in the cloud.

Note that the iOS app version has been adjusted for use on the iPad.

Lightspeed Restaurant is a POS system designed for full service, quick service, bars, cafes and hotel restaurants, managing front and back, from menu management and reporting to table reservations and flexible payment processing.

Being a cloud-based POS, the backend manager can be accessed from any device that supports a web browser, but the restaurant POS app must be used on iOS devices.

1. Feature

Here is the future of Lightspeed POS for Apparel Management, Bakery, Bar POS, and et cetera:

Apparel management:

  • Returns management
  • Shipping management
  • Supplier management
  • Catalog management
  • Inventory control
  • Order management
  • Product management, and
  • Purchase


  • Catalog management
  • Inventory control
  • Order management
  • product management
  • purchase
  • Returns management
  • Shipping management, and
  • Supplier management

Bar POS:

  • Cash drawer management
  • Manage gift cards
  • Loyalty program
  • individual control, and
  • Chip management

2. Price

The price of Lightspeed POS starts from $69.00/month.

You can check its website for further information.

This one of POS system for distributors offers free trial.

2. IT Retail POS

IT Retail is the premier grocery store POS software, serving thousands of grocery stores for over 26 years.

IT Retail strives to provide innovative, simple and powerful technology solutions that increase the profitability of grocery retailers.

IT Retail claims that it tell their customers and partners the truth, straightforward and honest, problems happen, and IT Retail has responsibility to admit when they are wrong and fix the problem.

IT Retail is a team of individuals who love working hard towards a common goal of providing great software that helps grocery stores solve their problems and make them profitable.

Delight your customers by providing them with the best products and services available to grocers.

There may be systems with more features, but when it comes to customer satisfaction, they are second to none.

Innovation is part of our company and IT Retail achieves this by being constant students.

1. Features

Here is the features of using IT Retail for Convenience Store and Point of Sale:

Convenience Store

  • Deli/restaurant management
  • employee management
  • fuel management
  • grocery store POS
  • Inventory control
  • Loyalty program
  • multi store
  • price list
  • Single store

Point of Sale

  • barcode scan
  • Fee management
  • Customer account profile
  • Discount management
  • Electronic signature
  • Manage gift cards
  • Loyalty program
  • some place
  • Returns management
  • Ecommerce integration

2. Price

IT Retail offers free trial and if you want to know about its monthly prices, you may check IT Retail’s website.


Erply iss powerful, easy-to-use cloud-based POS works on your favorite device.

Available online and offline with the flexibility you need to run your business successfully.

Erply’s POS helps businesses save money, execute transactions efficiently, and make more informed business decisions.

It features a highly intuitive POS interface that can be accessed from desktops, laptops, iPads, Android devices, mobile phones, Windows and iOS operating systems, and of course POS devices.

ERPLY solution brings the power and functionality of traditional he POS systems to handheld devices, giving your business a professional feel without the professional cost.

All POS transaction data entered into the app is automatically synced to your Erply account in real-time, so all your books and reports are 100% absolutely accurate.

1. Features

Here is the list of the features in ERPLY for Point of Sale and Retail Management:

Point of Sale:

  • Barcode scan
  • Fee management
  • Customer account profile
  • Discount management
  • Electronic signature
  • Manage gift cards
  • Some places
  • Restaurant pos
  • Retail pos
  • Returns management, and
  • E-commerce integration

Retail Management:

  • CRM
  • Fee management
  • email marketing
  • employee management
  • Loyalty program
  • mail order
  • Merchandise management
  • some place
  • Order management
  • Order management
  • Report/analysis
  • Returns management, and
  • e-commerce

2. Price

ERPLY starting price is $39.00/month and you may can try the free trial too.

2. What Features Does the POS System Offer Wholesalers?

Here is the main features that your POS system has if you are a wholesaler:

1. Barcode Scanning

This feature allows wholesalers to quickly scan barcodes and retrieve product information in their POS systems.

This reduces manual data entry and contributes to accurate inventory tracking.

2. Customer Management

A wholesale POS system gives you the tools to manage your customers and their orders, including contact information, purchase history, payment methods, and loyalty programs.

This makes it easier for businesses to track customer preferences and build long-term customer relationships.

3. Accounting Integration

Many POS systems have built-in accounting functionality, allowing business owners to easily reconcile customer payments with all their financial records.

This improves accuracy when calculating taxes and improves efficiency when managing receivables and payables.

4. Inventory Management

A wholesale POS system allows business owners to efficiently track inventory in real time across multiple locations.

View inventory levels at any time and see which products need to be replenished or reordered.

You can also get reminders when certain products are running low.

5. Reporting & Analytics

The wholesale POS system provides detailed sales performance reports based on various criteria such as item type, sales trends over different time periods, supplier performance, and more.

This allows managers to spot emerging trends in the wholesale industry and adjust their strategies accordingly.

6. Payment Processing

Businesses using wholesale POS systems can accept different types of payments from their customers, including: A credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

This feature simplifies the checkout its experience for both parties involved in the transaction process, and also protects cardholders from fraud and its identity theft attempts with anti-fraud tools built into the platform itself.


POS and order entry are the heart of POS and distribution.

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While POS is focused on retail sales, Order Entry specifically addresses the specific needs of wholesalers and mail order companies.

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